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Gayle Newland

There is obviously a case for fraud here but where is sexual assault? This is not only consensual sex but an actual romantic relationship of a long-term nature. That both of the willing participants are weirdos of the first order is hardly a crime. 

In the meanwhile, real rape and torture of minors goes unprosecuted. 


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8 thoughts on “Gayle Newland

  1. Dreidel on said:

    Wow, sounds like such an absurdist story that some twisted slight-touch-of-talent wannabe bizarro writer must have ground it out stoned on the cheapest weed available in their state.

    The “victim” in this situation always agreed to wear a blindfold in all circumstances, whenever she met with the “aggressor’? She was also so sexually inexperienced that she couldn’t tell an artificial device in her body from a real penis, and never wondered about the missing climax? Somehow she also never managed to recognize her feminine employee’s voice?

    The “aggressor” has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist as suffering from gender dysphoria, Asperger syndrome, eating disorders, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and depression. Did the shrink miss a few pages in the lastest DSM-5 manual?

    The financial fraud charges make sense, but as for the rest…well, maybe I’ll be able to come to some intelligent conclusion tomorrow, when it’s not far too late in the Arizona night for mind to stay awake. Right now, my brain buds are too rapidly switching off to even pretend to do any thinking, anyway — Goodnight!


  2. Just noticed that Gayle’s name has the word “gay” in it.


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