Vacations Rule

With all due respect, people who were saying that spending 2 weeks by the beach and doing zero work is wrong and unproductive have no idea. After my vacation, I’m flying around the house, super energized and managing to do 4 times more than usual. 

Our goal is now to go on beach vacations twice a year. We don’t want to become so American that we’d feel bad for that. By the way, one of the reasons why I publish as much as I do is that I take a ton of time for rest, vacations, reading for fun, aimless staring at the ceiling, bubble baths with glossy magazines, etc. Of course, I’d still do all of it even if it got in the way of publishing because I don’t see the point of having a rich CV if I never get to indulge in the pleasure of lounging about aimlessly. 

2 thoughts on “Vacations Rule”

    1. It was right here on the blog. People can’t deal with being unproductive for 2 weeks. :-))))

      What’s the point of life, though, if not to experience entirely unproductive pleasure?


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