Florida Question

Floridians, does it make sense to go to Southwestern Florida in November? Is the sea warm enough to swim? (We are from cold countries, so we don’t need boiling hot water like in summer). 


9 thoughts on “Florida Question”

  1. “Is the sea warm enough to swim?”

    YES! Just make sure that you go far enough south, AND swim on the western coast of the peninsula, in the Gulf of Mexico, and not in the chilly open Atlantic on Florida’s east coast. You should find the water pleasantly lukewarm.


  2. I remember as a small child pestering my mom to take us swimming (at the shark sighting beach) and she was dismissive saying only “Damn yankees” would swim at that time of year (I’m thinking more between December and February but might be wrong).

    It’s worth noting that people swam year round (mostly tourists for about half the year) at that beach before it was seawalled off to build a shopping center and my mother was born well, well north of the Mason Dixon line but had by that time totally assimilated to the SW Florida climate.

    A year ago in Paphos, Cyprus in February it was very sunny (21 to 22 Celsius but felt a lot warmer) and there were a few people swimming… and they all seemed to be Russian speakers.



  3. In the more northerly Gulf (AL to FL panhandle), with bad luck it can be a little gray/rainy sometimes but NOT cold. With good luck it will be like summer in northern Europe: luminous, warm, but not hot. In November there are no mosquitoes, either.


      1. There are always mosquitoes in Florida, especially any part of South Florida, but they do decrease markedly in fall and winter.

        In early November there will be far more mosquitoes than later in the month. But yes, plenty warm enough to swim all month in that part of the state.


      2. You don’t want mosquitoes, move to Arizona. I’ve seen about THREE since I retired here 19 years ago.

        No Arizona beach yet, but we’ll have one as soon as the “Big One” hits the San Andreas fault and California falls unlamented into the sea.


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