Good News

A friend who is in Germanic studies found a great tenure-track job at a college in Philadelphia. 2-2 teaching load. I’m extremely happy. She isn’t a native speaker of German and she didn’t go to an Ivy but she is brilliant, she loves, loves, loves the profession, and if somebody like her couldn’t get employed, I’d be very disappointed with the profession. 

She never doubted she’d get a job, never complained about the field. All I ever heard from her was excitement about her teaching and scholarship.

I’m super psyched by the news. 


4 thoughts on “Good News”

    1. No, Rebecca left academia and is now a successful journalist and writer. This is my friend from my undergraduate years back in Canada.

      I’m very happy when things work out for people.


  1. I was going to say, “So it definitely was NOT Rebecca Schuman.” Few people complain about the profession more than I do, but Schuman has literally made a career out of it. I don’t begrudge it. It’s just demoralizing.


    1. You don’t complain about the profession. You complain about specific injustices at a specific college community. That’s a huge difference. I’m very unhappy about the direction our state politicians are taking our public universities but I love the profession.


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