Freaks on the Offensive

Are these fuckers for real? Fucking Planned Parenthood is your enemy on trans rights issues? Really?


25 thoughts on “Freaks on the Offensive”

  1. If the question is whether transgender/nonbinary/etc. people should have the same rights as anyone to live, love, work, fight, and enjoy themselves as they like, I am unequivocally on their side.

    But the language policing has to stop. I’m being even-handed here, because I also hate language-policing by cisgender people with causes.

    Sadly, the politics around this issue is such that I think I’ll use a different handle for this comment.


    1. The majority of the time I see language police active on trans issues, it is a cis person with a cause. Reminds me of when non-trans people I knew were making a big hullabaloo about pussy hats and pictures of reproductive organs at the women’s march being exclusionary of trans women. I decided to check out a trans forum to see their views on it, and the near universal opinion there was “the march is largely about reproductive rights, it makes perfect sense to focus on reproductive organs.” SJWs love to get offended on behalf of groups who actually don’t give a shit either way. Not that there aren’t those types within the trans community also, but they’re a loud minority.


      1. Exactly. And the people who object to huge sombreros are not Mexicans. And the folks who protest against yoga classes for disabled people are not from India. This is all being done on behalf of people who are not even interested.


  2. Some people are addicted to disapproval and the more you try to be understanding the more angry they become. It’s like someone who never gets past their puerile rebellion stage – acceptance makes them furious.

    This doesn’t apply to most trans people who just want to get on with their lives, but a small minority (and most people addicted to disapproval aren’t trans of course).


  3. Pearl-clutchers who like disapproval are obviously not solely into trans issues, but trans issues present opportunities for language policing that few other issues can provide. The gender of a person is integral to how they are described in many languages, and in many languages it goes way beyond pronoun issues. Clarissa can say way more than I can about gender in Romance and Slavic languages.

    So if you want a chance to censor damn near any sentence that a human being might utter, it’s hard to beat trans issues as an opportunity for righteousness.


    1. I know a trans person who tried to commit suicide after being fired from a job for being trans and becoming homeless. I want to concentrate on how to help people like her and protect their right to live with dignity. Planned Parenthood is not the enemy here. Right now, especially, it’s quite clear who the enemy is. And we are going to eat each other alive for saying “brothers and sisters”? Because that’s the most productive thing we can do?

      This angers me because right now there are people who are suffering and barking at PP over this tweet is not helping them.


      1. I’ve published research articles co-authored with a transgender student, and I helped her through some university processes when she was struggling to focus. I wrote rec letters that got her into a very good PhD program. I consulted with her on pronouns.

        I also think that language policing that goes beyond common decency (e.g. refer to people with their preferred pronoun) is insane. I think it’s beyond bizarre to go after people who, say, label the penis and prostate as “male anatomy.” But I’m apparently a bad person because of that.


        1. I agree, it’s insane. And it doesn’t achieve anything. Which I believe is why it’s so popular. Real action is hard while language policing is fun and undemanding.


      2. I can think of probably 10 million different issues afflicting the trans community. On a political level, three quarters of what will help is the same stuff that helps everyone (healthcare, social safety net, etc.), the other quarter is boring, bureaucratic stuff that mostly happens behind the scenes. On a social level, this constant nagging and attacking is if anything having a negative effect on people’s acceptance of trans people. But this kind of person is generally not in it to make a positive difference in the world, what they want is a chance to feel self righteous and to fit in with their cultish group of friends.


  4. There’s a trans commentator on Disqus who goes by the name Honey Crisis, and she thinks liberals are worse enemies of trans people than the conservatives who openly want trans people to die.


      1. Also. We all know I have issues with Cecile Richards. But it was appropriate to air them when there was a Democrat in the White House and a strong expectation of another Dem presidency. Today it’s a counterproductive thing to do when you have an administration that is bent on destroying PP.


    1. There’s a sense in which some liberals really are enemies of trans rights. I’m thinking of the ones whose insane tactics completely fail to help and even generate antagonism.

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  5. I feel that the ‘folks’ in that person’s reply is offensive, species-exclusionary, and especially triggering to our otherkin allies.

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    1. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Is now really the best time to nitpick over brothers and sisters?

      By the way, what’s the non-offensive alternative?


      1. \ By the way, what’s the non-offensive alternative?

        My first thought was “fellow citizens,” but it’s exclusionary towards illegals whom every Liberal must support. (I think I would need to live in America to understand this phenomenon because Israel is like on another planet in this regard.)

        May be “fellow Americans” would fly? Or does it imply citizenship and engender (*) contraversy over the definition of an American?

        (*) Sounds like a pun in this context.


      2. “what’s the non-offensive alternative?”

        There is none.

        That’s the entire point, they want you to hate/disapprove of them so any effort to be diplomatic just makes them more angry and determined. They realize at some level it’s ridiculous and also resent you for making them ever more so, just let them know you despise them and they’ll calm down some.


        1. Yes, it’s a game you can’t win. But they only attack people who are likely to buy into the idea that somebody does have the right”to call them out.” They leave people without raging superegos alone.


          1. \ they only attack people who are likely to buy into the idea that somebody does have the right”to call them out.” They leave people without raging superegos alone.

            I do not think all ‘attacked’ people have raging superegos.

            May be, they (sub)consciously want attention and get what you called “a rewarding S&M experience”, like that 18-month-old boy who kept shouting he was a girl.

            May be, the ‘attacked’ have narcissistic desire to make everything All About Them, and the only way to force their way in is to be ‘chastened’ since the main role (of a victim) in this play has gone to somebody else.

            A few of the attacked are probably targeted because of their position, like Cecile Richards, and have no desire to play those games. As for the others, who welcome being called out …

            Now had one more idea – even though I think my former explanations describe much more people : like abused women who feel safer with abusive men, some of both attacking and attacked activists feel the need to recreate the criticism and lack of acceptance in their new communities.


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