Out of Touch

And the title of the most brain-dead blogger of the week goes to the author of this gem:

There is a difference between jobs being lost due to automation, and, let’s say, the recent layoffs at Carrier, where the jobs (or some of them anyway) aren’t being replaced by technology, but are being shipped abroad.

Obviously, this “difference” is very hard to notice for those who lose their jobs but spoiled, tech-obsessed Liberal brats like the linked fellow can’t even be bothered to pretend they care.   

For those who don’t know, a small explanation: there is a brand of Liberals who believe that all social problems will be solved and none will be cause by technology. If you try to challenge them, they call you an anti-vaxxer, for some mysterious reason. That’s what happened to me once, and it was weird because I’m actually very pro-vaccine. And the discussion was on the subject of robotization anyway. 


6 thoughts on “Out of Touch”

  1. That reminds me of the out of touch carpetbagger who’s running in the Democratic primary for OH-1, Sam Ronan. He’s an empty-headed “berniecrat” who has a small following of crazy people because he ran for DNC Chair and said the primary was rigged (I’m sure Bernie is sorry he inspired this idiot to get into politics.) His whole campaign website is hilarious and horrible, but here’s the page where he advocates slashing the social safety net to pay for UBI: http://ourvoiceinitiative.org/domestic-initiatives/


      1. He has all kinds of typos and misspellings. He also loves using exclamation! points! all! the! time!

        I look forward to him losing the primary in a landslide. There are some college student voters in OH-1, but I think the majority of Democratic primary voters are older black voters. Bernie did even worse in Hamilton county than the rest of Ohio, and even Bernie supporters aren’t all going to line up behind this moron.


  2. “there is a brand of Liberals who believe that all social problems will be solved and none will be cause by technology”

    I would rephrase that as “there is a brand of liberal who doesn’t give a rats ass about wrenching dislocations caused by technology because they think they’re immune but who will talk about how the problems will be solved because they don’t want people to know what blackhearted fuckers they are.”

    (conservatives who don’t care are at least honest enough to admit it).


  3. Oh, I know people who actually welcome automation because they are sure new, better jobs will be created to replace the obsolete ones. Probably so, but will the process be as smooth and painless as they make it sound? I doubt it. When challenged, they usually bring up Luddism.

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