Doggy Sociopaths

The so-called pet lovers are unbelievably deranged. We have two public parks located next to each other: one for kids and one for dogs. The only difference is that one has playground equipment and a kids’ library and the other doesn’t. In everything else, they are identical.

Now try to guess whether dog-lovers respect the multitude of signs begging them to walk over to the pet park and leave the playground to the kids. 

Of course, they don’t.

There is no logical reason not to use the pet park other than a sociopathic need literally to shit on the kids’ playground experience. 


16 thoughts on “Doggy Sociopaths”

  1. I can think of a logical reason (not that it justifies the behavior):

    Those owners are afraid of unleashed dog-aggressive dogs and/or dangerous breeds at the pet park. Or their own dog is dog-aggressive, and they don’t want to bring it near numerous other dogs.

    Are the dogs you see leashed at least? Do those owners come with their children?


    1. We happen to be in an area that is so rich with parks and hiking trails that if one wants to walk the dog in loneliness, it can be very easily arranged.

      No, they clearly don’t it on purpose because they love causing annoyance and bugging people.


  2. It’s people like this who make the rest of us look bad. I know people who train dogs on playground equipment, but only ever when there’s no one there. I can see someone keeping their dog close while watching their own kid on the playground, but letting them run all over the place (which I assume is what you’re talking about here) is just plain irresponsible.


    1. \ Whatever happened to the concept of Boundaries?

      Well, those dog owners see the kids’ park boundaries very well – that’s how they cross them.


  3. We adopted puppy from a local shelter a few years back. It was a good decision for us and I very much enjoy owning a dog, but my increased exposure to dog people has convinced me that 75% of them are some flavor of crazy. There is all sorts of prestige and purity signaling in dog people world. There are lots of people who are totally and creepily obsessed with breeds and the purported traits of each breed. Some people like to go on and on about how special the breed of their dog is, others seem to want to do some sort of visual genetic analysis of every dog they meet. Our dog is a mutt and we don’t care what percentage of this and what percentage of that she might be, but it is literally all some people want to talk about. There are also people who get into the dog rescue Olympics and will go on and on about how extreme the situation is from which their dog was “rescued”. I’ve met people who’ve driven half way across the US to get a dog and seem to believe that extra driving makes them more virtuous than people who adopted dogs from nearby shelters.

    There are also lots of dog owners who place their own emotional needs above the needs of their dog and the needs and boundaries of other people. I really enjoy being with my dog, but I know that my dog does not enjoy going to crowded places and that most people are not going to enjoy my dog’s presence as much as I do. Some people are terrified of dogs and some people are allergic to them. I don’t take my dog everywhere I go, because she won’t like some of the places I go. And I keep my dog under tight control around other people unless I have confirmed that they enjoy dogs and want to interact with her. Lots of people don’t get this very basic stuff and they drag their dogs to places that the dogs don’t enjoy and they force other people to interact with their dog whether they want to or not.


  4. ….in Europe they also take them to the beach in spite of big signs telling them not to. It’s no big deal for them that people will have to walk barefoot through piss-soaked sand. Degenerates….


  5. ” the multitude of signs begging them to walk over to the pet park and leave the playground to the kids”

    Certain mentally ill people (hello shakesville!) think of dogs as children so they a sign that says the park is for children and they think their dogs (their kids) are welcome.

    It’s probably vaguely therapeutic (in a self-medication way) for the people but not good at all for the dogs. Dogs have evolved relationships with people that goes back thousands of years, treating them like children is bad for their mental health. Dogs are very malleable (evolutionarily speaking) and so they may eventually adapt…


    1. “Certain mentally ill people (hello shakesville!) think of dogs as children so they a sign that says the park is for children and they think their dogs (their kids) are welcome.”

      • God, I’m so afraid of those. They are very very scary when they start on with the “and how would you feel if somebody asked you to put your child on a leash?”


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