Is it true that there are no mosquitoes in Iceland? Because if it’s true, I need to move. 

6 thoughts on “Iceland”

  1. They didn’t tell you the mosquito is the state bird there? Actually as any good outdoor type knows, if you take a B12 supplement on a regular basis (which is actually a good idea for a number of reasons), the bugs will avoid you. No kidding. But it takes a while for it to build up in your system, don’t expect instant protection. A lot healthier than the bug sprays.


  2. Medical downer advice:

    You should consult with your doctor before you add ANY vitamin supplements, especially if you’re already on a medical regimen for diabetes and other conditions.

    Several controlled studies have shown that neither B12 nor any other vitamin supplements repel mosquitoes or other biting insects.

    Rubbing pure garlic oil on your skin WILL repel mosquitoes for a very short time — about 20 minutes — also vampires, family, and friends. Not recommended.


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