My Opposite

And here is a long, overwrought and vacuous post from an academic who defends the suppression of free speech on campus because any speech that isn’t comprised 100% from the ideologically approved platitudes he can tolerate is necessarily HATE. The number of times the word hate is repeated in the linked post hints at the state of the author’s psyche. 

The linked fellow is my exact opposite. I have a serious issue with people who so easily put on the mantle of moral superiority and dismiss the slightest shade of disagreement as hatemongering. The life of the intellect is not possible if any hint at a disagreement makes you writhe in fury. 

I make an effort to expose myself to the thinking of people and groups whose ideas I detest. I actively seek out websites and discussion groups where they express themselves. It’s a million times more valuable to do that than to read, for the bizillionth time, the same ideas you have espoused for decades. 

Ultimately, we only have one life to achieve as much personal and intellectual growth as we can. Thwarting this crucial development out of fear that one’s worldview might crack if exposed to any influence is simply dumb. So you have successfully hidden from the threatening world behind a wall of your peer-approved mantras. What’s the point of such a stunted life?


4 thoughts on “My Opposite”

  1. ? I don’t think that’s what he says. I really wish we had protestors at some of the right-wing propaganda talks we have here that are offered as academic presentations. Or someone who would ask a challenging question. I’d really like to at least distinguish between an academic talk and another type of talk.


    1. Civil protests outside the venue and polite and challenging questions during the talk would be very welcome.

      But infantile tantrums that result in speeches not taking place do not do anyone credit (or useful service).


      1. Why was the professor who invited Murray beaten? Why was Dawkins cancelled? Dawkins?? Yes, what a scary right wing hater. Why was Christakis yelled at and humiliated? Whom does he hate? Why was my friend spat at coming out of a conference? Protests, yeah right.


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