Mamma Doesn’t Work

Klara is so used to hearing that papa is at work that now she calls him “Papa work.” Even when he’s sleeping, he’s “Papa work.”

Finally, the sheer injustice of it got to me. “Mamma works, too,” I informed her.

“Work?” she said. “Work papa.”

“Mamma works!” I said. “I just made tapta soup. And did laundry. And folded. And picked up this mountain of toys. Mamma work!”

“No,” Klara said. “Papa work. Work papa job.”

“I also have a job!” I hollered. “See this book? I wrote it! Mamma work!!! Mamma job!”

“Mama llama?”

“No! Klara’s mamma! Me! Work!”

“Papa? Papa work,” Klara concluded. “Mamma nose. Mamma eyes. Papa job.”

It feels like I lost this argument for the moment.


4 thoughts on “Mamma Doesn’t Work”

  1. Apparently when I was little my dad would come home from work, and I’d say, “Bye bye, daddy!”
    “Shakti, he’s home!”
    “Bye, bye!”


  2. When I worked part-time at night, my kids absolutely refused to believe I had a job because I only worked when they were sleeping (either sleeping at night or during nap time). They were very resentful of my full-time job once I got it. But after a while, they got used to it. Now because hubby works from home, they sometimes forget that he has a job too. But they’re in school all day, so it’s just weekends they even consider this stuff at this point.


    1. My niece once described her parents’ work as: “Mommy dresses up, puts on high heels, goes out and people give her coins. And daddy stays home and tells people on the phone that he can’t be there.” And no, they weren’t a prostitute and a deadbeat. :-))))


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