Where Bobbitt Was Wrong

Bobbitt (the fellow I first learned about the erosion of the nation-state from) theorized that the newly neutered national governments will try to legitimize their power by demonstrating that they can protect us from global threats (terrorism, cyber warfare, pandemics, etc.). As always, he was too optimistic. 

As we can see, the newly neutered national governments are legitimizing themselves by offering material for our Facebook and Twitter activities. Hey, who can blame them? It’s surely easier to fire off incendiary tweets than to fight viruses or terrorism.


9 thoughts on “Where Bobbitt Was Wrong”

  1. Every time you say “neutered” in a post about a guy named “Bobbitt”, I think about John Wayne Bobbitt, the guy who became famous when his wife cut his penis off in 1993.


      1. LOL! I couldn’t even read the content of the post once I saw Bobbitt and neutered in the same paragraph!! hahaha. I’ll go back and try to read it with more maturity now. 🙂


        1. I think it’s a meta statement: She’s demonstrating a political point by showing just how easily her usually brilliant readers are distracted away from a serious topic by thoughts of a 24 year old sex scandal….


  2. I was glad to read this post since Bobbitt’s idea has always seemed somewhat unbelievable to me. For instance, I could never understand how a government may protect well against terrorism, if the country’s borders are open to anybody, like in today’s Europe.


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