Coding Obsession

I find it creepy that people who don’t even have kids yet order books of “fun children’s stories that teach kids (ages 2-6) the foundations of computer coding without needing a device!”

It’s like a kid isn’t even allowed to exist as a fantasy without what’s perceived as currently marketable skills. 


5 thoughts on “Coding Obsession”

  1. Not to judge the book itself, about which I know nothing, but I have plenty of friends for whom coding isn’t really viewed from the lens of a marketable skill. They treat it as a playground in which they can make cool things and have fun, or as a challenge to stretch their abilities, or even, in the more severe cases, as a complete worldview.

    I’m certain there are entirely functional ways in which code can become part of a kid’s life without nothing too crazy going on. I myself picked up stuff about Russian literature and economics from my parents without ever really caring too much about either.


      1. Maybe they’re just really honest to themselves about their current level of knowledge?

        Or actually are a precocious six-year-old with Facebook and Amazon accounts?

        Maybe this baby will drop out of kindergarten, pull themself up by their bootiestraps, and be the next Bill Zuckerberg?


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