Just Learn

What I wonder is if people think playing the violin, speaking Spanish, playing baseball, coding, etc are so cool and important, why don’t they fucking learn? Why appoint a poor kid as a proxy for your fantasies?


5 thoughts on “Just Learn”

  1. Because they don’t want a baseline level of competence, they want to excel at it far beyond the measure of other people, probably with some fantasies of adoration and acceptance attached. Coupled with a belief that they can’t get to that level anymore and would have if they had started early enough.

    Actually playing the violin, speaking Spanish, playing baseball, coding and etc. does not necessarily stop the parents from having these fantasies.


  2. Part of the fantasy of creating the perfect life for the mini-me, i suppose. The point isn’t just having the skills, but having the skills as a magic carpet to a troubleless life. If they acquired the skills, they’d still be living in real life, but they can project the fantasy of perfection on the kid



    1. Being accepted by your parents brings you closer a good life than all of these skills combined. There are crowds of neurotics who code very well.

      I know you know all this. I just wanted to say it again.


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