Dog Killer

I almost hit a dog today. It was scary. There was this woman with two beautiful big shaggy dogs. Unleashed, of course. When I approached in my car, one of the dogs threw itself into the road. The only reason I managed to brake in time is that I was driving a lot more slowly than I usually do on this road because I was trying to decide where to turn. 

The owner ran into the road after the πŸ•, and that’s when the second dog decided to join the fun and jumped out into the road, too. We were very lucky that there were no more cars coming at that moment. 

It’s very unpleasant to think I could have become a dog killer today. 


18 thoughts on “Dog Killer”

  1. Our dog treats any open car door like an invitation to climb in, and has a worrying obsession with pickup trucks and jeeps. He will try to pull us into the road to follow them if we’re out walking! But we know his quirks so we always keep him leashed, and close to us when we walk. I can’t imagine walking him without the leash and just hoping he doesn’t get distracted.


      1. I honestly don’t understand, we walk past people in our neighborhood frequently who have their dogs unrestrained and outside with them. Their “well trained” dogs who “don’t need a leash” invariably charge over to our dog while we try to keep him calm.


  2. You should move to a civilized state like Arizona. Out here, dogs are required to be on leashes when they’re outdoors.


  3. Were the dogs Afghans by any chance? They are without a doubt the most worthless and stupid dogs ever created.

    Irish setters aren’t much better and are notoriously…. unattached to particular people.

    Different dog breeds often act almost like separate species and the combination of long hair and a wiry frame highly correlates with stupid and useless in the canine world.

    With cats it’s an easier formula – the longer the hair the stupider the cat.


    1. “With cats it’s an easier formula – the longer the hair the stupider the cat.”

      Long-haired cats can afford to be stupider. The only people who buy them are truly devoted cat-lovers who are willing to spend hours brushing and grooming them to keep all that hair clean and unmatted — or to pay someone else to do it.


      1. That looks like English sheepdog or something closely related… I have no experience with those.
        So I coulnd’t say if their behavior was typical of the breed or of a negligent person (the source of most dog misbehaivor) the fact that they were off leads (and the owner ran into the road rather than using voice commands to get them under control) point toward the latter.


          1. “same experience with this woman and her dogs”

            That settles it, she’s an incompetent owner. After the first time a responsible person would make sure they can either get the dogs under control with voice commands and if that doesn’t work (responding to voice commands varies a lot by breed) then keep them on leads and only let them free in enclosed spaces.


            1. The whole idea of running into the road after one dog while the other is free to run around is crazy. What are the chances that the second dog won’t follow the owner and the first dog into the road? Even I understand it, and I never had a dog.


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