Zhukova and Kushner

One of Russia’s richest oligarchs, Roman Abramovich, has been dumped by his wife Daria Zhukova. Zhukova is young and pretty while the oligarch is ugly and old, so it was bound to happen. 

What’s interesting in this story is that it’s insistently rumored that Zhukova dumped her oligarch husband for Josh Kushner, Jared’s brother. I actually don’t believe it’s true. Josh isnt rich enough for Zhukova. But the reason that the rumors about an affair between Zhukova and Kushner are so insistent is that they’ve been spending a ton of time together, sucking face at one luxurious party after another. 

The fake affair is meant to conceal the true nature of the Zhukova – Kushner relationship. Zhukova is one of several conduits between the Kushner family and the Kremlin. She can so easily dump a rich oligarch husband because she is a valuable employee in her own right for the Kremlin. 

For years, I’ve been repeating on this blog that it’s an enormous, tragic mistake to let all this oligarch filth from Russia come in and buy off half of the UK and then make inroads into the US. Kushners are all rotten; they are a family that has rotted through and through. They are standing joke in Russia because it entertains people to see how easy it is to seduce these pathetic folks with access to what they believe are chic and sophisticated circles. Of course, Zhukova is simply a two-bit prostitute from a very low social class but she presented herself to the Kushners as an art connoisseur, and the facile fools fell for it. 


6 thoughts on “Zhukova and Kushner”

  1. How do you tell if someone was a “two bit prostitute” in that context? The only Daria Zukhova story I came across was was this one. It could just be that their tastes run to racist tacky and vaguely Eastern European/Russian. I just find it unlikely that someone that rich could mistake social class.


    1. Oh, I know the story from back when Abramovich married her. Her parents had been trying to sell her off to a rich guy for ages. It was the joke of the year for many years. Finally, Abramovich fell for the con and started dragging around the whole family of dirtbag little crooks. Which is not surprising given that he’s also a crook, if a much more successful one.

      The chair is, indeed, disgusting and clearly speaks to the woman’s class origins. A representative of a decent social class with a minimal intellectual capital would die before doing something like this. Miroslava Duma, by the way, is another two-bit whore who is despised even by the really unsophisticated Russian elites. There are 2 big agencies that provide prostitutes (called “meat”) to the oligarchs. The agencies ship in a bunch of prostitutes for every trip or vacation an oligarch takes so that he can sample a fresh one every day and treat his friends. Sometimes, one of the prostitutes manages to parlay the gig into a job or even a marriage (if she manages to get pregnant quickly.) Of course, then she tries to gain respectability by sponsoring art projects and hanging out with people like the Kushners.


      1. “I just find it unlikely that someone that rich could mistake social class.”

        • Jared Kushner did marry Ivanka, didn’t he? They are not old respectable money, and it kills them. And it’s the same in Russia. They all know they can’t cut it in spite of all the money in the world. Their main goal in life is to become respectable.


        1. Sorry, I finally have an opportunity to share my vast knowledge of this subject and I can’t stop.

          It has recently become fashionable among the oligarchs to marry respectable women who have normal jobs and look like normal people. This is why Abramovich is supporting Zhukova’s divorce petition and letting her go so easily. The trend for ditching the prostitutes and marrying respectable women started a few years ago when one of the founders of Russia’s capitalism shocked everybody by marrying film-maker Avdotia Smirnova (http://www.online812.ru/mm/items/2015/5/26/0005/20122409135023.gif). She is notoriously un-pretty and dowdy. But she is from a family that’s been rubbing shoulders with the old-time Soviet artistic circles, so she’s valuable in terms of conferring respectability on her husband’s dirty money. Then several other oligarchs followed his example.

          I’m eager to see which dowdy woman Abramovich will now pick up.


      2. The chair is, indeed, disgusting and clearly speaks to the woman’s class origins. A representative of a decent social class with a minimal intellectual capital would die before doing something like this.
        I could see someone like Paris Hilton doing something like this with minimal stretching. Her family’s been rich for four generations. I suspect people of that class would object more on the basis of the chair being vulgar and tacky but what do I know? My family’s never been that kind of rich.


        1. We have a weird situation in the post Soviet space where everybody who is really rich could have only gotten there from the very bottom in the cultural sense. There are no rich aristocrats, only rich hoi polloi. At first, they were all into conspicuous consumption, toilets made of actual gold, mountains if caviar, posses of diamond-clad prostitutes with huge silicone mouths that made them look like fish.

          But then they clocked on to how ridiculous it all was. Now it’s all about being patrons of the arts, collecting antiques, educating the children in Swiss boarding schools, philantropy, etc. But it all still looks very unnatural and pathetic.

          Dumb buggers.


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