Income Parade

Maybe you, folks, have heard about the Income Parade before but I read about it in Rendueles and I think it’s very useful and curious.

Imagine that wealth correlates with height. People with average income would be 5’6” (which is my height and my personal income, incidentally.)

If people of all heights (representing all income brackets on the planet) came out on the parade lasting 1 hour, for the first 10 minutes, we’d see people of about 3 feet tall pass us by. After about 40 minutes, we’ll finally see people like me, measuring at 5’6”. In the last 5 minutes of the parade, we will be seeing people who’d be 10 feet tall.

But that’s not where the real fun is. In the last minute of the parade, we will start seeing people who measure more than 30 feet. For instance, Spain’s president Mariano Rajoy will measure about 50 feet. Then there will come hedge fund managers, measuring at a little under a half mile in height. The soccer player Cristiano Rolando will measure about 3/4 of a mile.

But that’s small potatoes. In the final moments of the parade, we will see people who would be 40 miles long, with their heads stuck in the mesosphere. Donald Trump, the best friend of the little 5’2” folks, will be right there, in the cosmos. I’m sure their problems look very clear and very important from up there.


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