Life Span

Amazon Vine saw that I was refusing their offers of ovulation trackers and prenatal vitamins and decided to give me a supplement for menopausal women instead. Since I’m not taking it either, I’m sure the next step will be to offer me incontinence pads and books on euthanasia. 


6 thoughts on “Life Span”

  1. In actuality, this is a misuse of “big data analytics.” In place of traditional market research, companies are trying to find patterns in customer purchases to enable them to predict what customers are going to buy next — and frankly, the results are often silly. (I went to Vegas to visit family, never set foot in a casino, and got barraged with ads for gambling junkets from Southwest for two years.) The search for patterns in data without any underlying model or hypothesis often generates spurious findings that are totally meaningless, but the corporate users can’t tell the difference.


    1. That’s the main problem with the algorithm methods. If your behavior is arbitrary and based primarily on “the moment” or whatever you need/want at the time, the results can never be accurate as they are based on formula and never take the subjective into account.


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