Many Sides

The events of today in Charlottesville would be less disturbing if they received an appropriate response. But what we are hearing is that there are “many sides” to the violence at the neo-Nazi rally. And that’s so despicable, so immoral that there are no words for it. 


4 thoughts on “Many Sides”

  1. With the renaming of the Nazis to Alt Right, it seems part of a concerted effort to legitimize fascism in the US. That’s why the American Diaspora is growing, as the good people flee. Has the US turned into a reincarnation of the Weimar Republic? It’s possible.


    1. I’m reading Hans Fallada right now, a German writer who witnessed the coming of Nazism in the 1930s, and I have to say, it’s an eerie experience reading it today of all days.


  2. I’m not even sure he’ll be convicted. The idea of running over protesters is pretty popular with the right, and just like Zimmerman, if he can convince the jury that it was an act of self defense against a common enemy, he may walk.

    “With the renaming of the Nazis to Alt Right”

    Good point. Also note many racists these days identifying themselves as ‘race realists’. ‘Look, I don’t hate other races or claim my race is superior to them. I just want nothing to do with them’.


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