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It’s Not a Car Crash

It’s not “a deadly car crash in Charlottesville”* it’s an act of terror in Charlottesville at the hands of a domestic terrorist organization.

The equivocation would be understandable if we’d never seen this before. But terrorists have been using vehicles to mow down people for a while. 

I hate hate hate it when people mince words and fear naming what they can very clearly see. It’s not “violence and hate” that caused the riots. Specific people, neo-Nazi terrorists, did it. How convenient to present it all as a result of impersonal and hence uncontrollable forces. Hate didn’t pick up a torch and didn’t yell Nazi slogans, you know. Cars don’t kill people. People kill people.

* Heard 2 minutes ago on MSNBC, repeated 3 times.


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7 thoughts on “It’s Not a Car Crash

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    From the headlines it would seem that someone invented an autonomous racist car that ‘crashed’ into a crowd. Isn’t ‘who, when, where, why, how’ the most basic information a news article is supposed to provide?

    Same thing when someone gets killed by the police. It’s called an ‘officer-involved shooting’ these days. Bullets flew out!

    But the greatest headline of all has to be this:


    • This is propaganda 101. Present the crimes you want to conceal as a result of disembodied, uncontrollable forces. The real estate collapse of 2008-9, for instance, was described in the press using the the vocabulary of natural phenomena.


  2. Stringer Bell on said:

    Posted without comment.


  3. The NY Times says the driver has been charged with second degree murder. Technically, the term “crash” has nothing to do with intent.


  4. Stille on said:

    I have no words about this horror. No words.


    • If it were just some dumb neo-Nazis marching and everyone turning away in disgust, that would be one thing. There are neo-Nazis in many countries, sad as that is. But these are neo-Nazis who own the sitting president of the United States. That takes this shit to a whole other level.


  5. You are so right, Clarissa! Also, I say this driver should be charged with first degree murder. And are there any specific charges and sentences applicable to acts of domestic terrorism? If not, there should be.


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