It’s Not a Car Crash

It’s not “a deadly car crash in Charlottesville”* it’s an act of terror in Charlottesville at the hands of a domestic terrorist organization.

The equivocation would be understandable if we’d never seen this before. But terrorists have been using vehicles to mow down people for a while. 

I hate hate hate it when people mince words and fear naming what they can very clearly see. It’s not “violence and hate” that caused the riots. Specific people, neo-Nazi terrorists, did it. How convenient to present it all as a result of impersonal and hence uncontrollable forces. Hate didn’t pick up a torch and didn’t yell Nazi slogans, you know. Cars don’t kill people. People kill people.

* Heard 2 minutes ago on MSNBC, repeated 3 times.


7 thoughts on “It’s Not a Car Crash”

  1. From the headlines it would seem that someone invented an autonomous racist car that ‘crashed’ into a crowd. Isn’t ‘who, when, where, why, how’ the most basic information a news article is supposed to provide?

    Same thing when someone gets killed by the police. It’s called an ‘officer-involved shooting’ these days. Bullets flew out!

    But the greatest headline of all has to be this:


    1. This is propaganda 101. Present the crimes you want to conceal as a result of disembodied, uncontrollable forces. The real estate collapse of 2008-9, for instance, was described in the press using the the vocabulary of natural phenomena.


    1. If it were just some dumb neo-Nazis marching and everyone turning away in disgust, that would be one thing. There are neo-Nazis in many countries, sad as that is. But these are neo-Nazis who own the sitting president of the United States. That takes this shit to a whole other level.


  2. You are so right, Clarissa! Also, I say this driver should be charged with first degree murder. And are there any specific charges and sentences applicable to acts of domestic terrorism? If not, there should be.


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