An article in the NYTIMES is titled “Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism.” The idiot airhead who wrote this trashy piece would benefit from being sent back to the sexy USSR where surgical abortions with no anaesthetic were the only available contraception and women had to undergo up to 3 dozen of these procedures. She’d also love having no access to any supplies from which a semblance of a hygienic pad for menstruation could be fashioned. And I have no doubt she’d get a special kick from the sky-high rates of rape, pedophilia, incest, workplace harassment, sexual molestation and beatings that were the lot of all Soviet women. 

Oh, the sexy Soviet paradise we’ve lost! I hear one can only get a sexier time in a burqa.  


6 thoughts on “Sexy USSR”

  1. If you read it carefully, none of the specific examples comes from the USSR per se. I actually believe that DDR, Czechoslovaka or Hungary were in fact (not on paper) much more civilized with respect to women rights than USSR. And at least condoms were available there. But even there, I suspect, only in the large cities a woman could be realistically having much fun living alone after a divorce. I suspect that’s where the author recruited her examples. US journalists seldom venture from Berlin to Podunkburg-um-Arschloch…

    In Poland Catholicism was very strong despite the Communists… I am surprised they could find some positive examples in Bulgaria… but then I do not know everything.

    New York Times… I am impressed…


    1. I can’t comment specifically on communist Poland directly, except for a few second hand (mostly widely known here) things.

      Abortion wasn’t the main form of birth control (it happened but nothing like the USSR). There were condoms but communist quality (in other words….)

      There was (and is) no strong prohibition against pre-marital sex, but a pregnancy was expected to end in marriage which is not the optimum way of picking a spouse.

      One contributing factor was the housing shortage (another triumph of communist social engineering). An especially unhappy couple could get divorced but that didn’t mean that one of them could move out.

      Large numbers of not especially well-matched people being married meant sky high levels of marital infidelity. An American living here in the early 80s reported that all but 2 or 3 couples in her very wide social circle one or (usually both) spouses cheated.


      1. Yes, it was exactly the same in terms of infidelity for the exact same reason in the USSR. I grew up hearing outlandish stories about the sexual exploits of my mother’s friends. It was so disgusting.


  2. Well, since the author of that article is writing a series of essays entitled, “Red Century,” it’s not hard to tell where her sympathies lie.

    Notice how spotless and freshly laundered the field worker’s blouse is? Not a drop of sweat on her forehead or scarf, either.


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