Help Promoting the Book

OK, folks, I need a favor re: the book.

As I said before, the price is exorbitant, so I’m not urging anybody to buy it. Unless you are rich and want to be a patron of good scholarship.

But it would be super cool if you could click on this link that will take you to the publisher’s website for the book.

If you are willing to go an extra step to promote the book that has you (a reader of this blog) in the acknowledgments, please consider retweeting, re-Facebooking or re-Goodreading it. There are icons right at the link for doing that easily.

If you are a faculty member or an academic librarian, it would be fantastic if you could consider prodding your institutional library to purchase it. 

The book is very beautiful, by the way. Shiny hard cover, thick high-quality pages. All of which I would happily ditch in exchange for a bearable price, but what can you do?


One thought on “Help Promoting the Book”

  1. I added it to my to-be-read list, but I probably won’t be able to get to it until after the semester ends, since my semester is a little crazy and ILL can take a bit.

    Also, I don’t know about public libraries elsewhere, but in my county ILL requests cost just $5.00 (as opposed to university libraries, where the cost is free–I suspect a portion of tuition covers this). So if anyone who doesn’t have access to a university library wants to get ahold of a copy, they can look into their county’s public library system (in the US, at least–I have no idea about other countries).


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