Your Real Brothers and Sisters

Also, I have to say this: dear Jewish brothers and sisters in America! If – and it’s not going to happen, it’s not, I can’t think it will – but if it did, if these swastika-wearing, torch-bearing pieces of vile trash started goose-stepping in your direction, who would stand between you and them?

Would it be the people who are ranting against “those Palestinian animals” and egging you on to “just raze this vermin to the ground”? Or would it be the people who are yelling “end the occupation, remember that Palestinians deserve to have their human rights respected”?

This is not a hypothetical. This question has already been answered. Most recently, it was answered on Saturday in Charlottesville. How much sense is it making to vote Republican “because of Israel”? Don’t you see that they are “for Israel” only because they want to get your Jewish asses as far away as possible from here? They are not for you. They are for you going away. And if the plan to make you go away of your own free will doesn’t work, you know what happens then. You know this from history. 

You know who your real brothers and sisters are.

You know.


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