I just heard several people argue on TV that Robert E Lee was just like Hitler and then belabor the point for a while. 

If I were still a drinking person, I’d quit because I would inevitably decide that I’m hallucinating.


4 thoughts on “Hallucinating”

  1. Everyone will be required to swear an oath stating that Robert E Lee and all confederate officers and soldiers were 100% BAD people, with no redeeming value. And all statues commemorating the Confederate side in the war must be destroyed. It will be very dangerous to disagree or refuse the oath.


    1. And all of this cheap posturing will make it very easy to hide the fact that nothing whatsoever is being done to improve the lot of racial minorities. Toppling statues is easy and cheap. Just look at how easily this drama over statues replaced the discussion of affirmative action.

      There’s nothing wrong with symbolic actions unless there’s nothing but symbolic actions.


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