And now they are saying that Lee was “a terrorist.” No, it’s not a comedy show. And no, the participants are not third-graders.



12 thoughts on “Terrorist”

    1. That is a great point because political parties have been immutable since the beginning of time. Idiot.

      Seriously, this is such a stupid argument, even for you.


  1. Did they just substitute in Lee when they really wanted to talk about Nathan Bedford Forrest?

    Have you ever seen any part of the Ken Burns series on the Civil War? It’ll give you a good idea of what a lot of people learned about it in the North.


  2. Many bad things happen during wars. For example, Gen. Sheridan’s scorched earth march through Georgia. Or the US dropping atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. You could call such actions atrocities or perhaps terrorism. Many people justify those acts as hastening the end of the wars and limiting the number of casualties. Not acts that I am competent to judge. But General Lee, as far as I know, acted honorably in war and peace, even though he was on the wrong side of history.


    1. “Many people justify those acts as hastening the end of the wars and limiting the number of casualties.”

      The best way to save as many lives as possible in any war is to take whatever measures are necessary to bring the war to a victorious end as quickly as application of force will allow. People who don’t understand this don’t understand how wars work.

      America’s wartime leaders haven’t understood this fact since the end of the country’s last existential war in 1945.


    2. “Gen. Sheridan’s scorched earth march through Georgia”

      That would be Sherman, not Sheridan.

      “the wrong side of history”

      Well that’s the ultimate sin now, apparently. And things will only get worse as more and more of America’s founders will found to be on the wrong side of history.

      No more Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln (slave owner, slave owner and rapist, and triggerer [also kind of a white supremacist])

      I guess Hamilton will be safe, because he was an aspiring rap star.


  3. Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln have something else to account for their place in history other than “We were slave owners who lead a failed rebellion over the right to own people.” Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and all those confederate generals and leaders don’t have anything else. Well, Nathan Bedford Forrest has that massacre at Fort Pillow and status as “early member/leader of the KKK” so there’s that.


  4. This bullshit is long beyond bordering on the totally vacuous and just plain boring.
    First of all …we’ve all seen this script played out hundreds of millions of times during the course of human history:
    Cain vs Abel in The Bible
    The Hatfields vs the McCoys in popular folk legend
    The Protestants vs the Catholics in Northern Ireland
    The Croatians vs the Serbs in the 1990s
    on the big screen with Star Wars
    North Korea vs. South Korea

    Yes, diametricalism rules the world.
    Always has, always will.


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