A Reason Not to Do Research

Some academics have found a very inventive excuse for not working on their research: Trump! It feels “unfeeling or uncaring”, they say, to do any work while there are all these delicious Trump scandals happening. Caring, good people are all stuck on Twitter and in front of TVs where the really important stuff occurs.

I wish they used all this inventiveness to produce research and not to feel sorry for themselves on social media. But it’s unfeeling or uncaring to deny people a chance to have all this fun. God forbid Trump doesn’t get reelected for a second term. What will they do then? Go back to boring, staid work after luxuriating daily in the sweet feeling that “the sky is falling”? That will be such a huge letdown.

I’m telling you, folks, whenever I read stuff like that, I get very worried about 2020. These people won’t let Trump go. They are too addicted, too far gone.  


12 thoughts on “A Reason Not to Do Research”

  1. Well, the go-author of “Art of the Deal” is on record as saying that Trump will cut a deal with Pence for immunity on the Russian investigation and will be out of office before year end. Ditching Bannon may have been a step in the wind-down.


        1. Well, since this is just my fantasy and not actually gonna happen, I can pretend he’ll replace Pence with someone tolerable last minute before resigning.


    1. “The go-author of ‘Art of the Deal’ is on record as saying that Trump will cut a deal with Pence for immunity on the Russian investigation and will be out of office before year end.”

      That author has a great imagination. He should be writing fiction instead of co-authoring biographies.


  2. Yes, I’ve decided that I need to limit social media to just outing things up about my kids (like today’s big karate tournament) or new hair styles, and allow myself a glance at the headlines once a day. I need to protect my time massively this semester. Since I got a course release to work on research, I MUST concentrate on my book.

    Having lived under Mike Pence’s BS, I know what a dick he is, but his power in Indiana came from being in a pretty red state. Having to work on a federal level might be different, even with a GOP house and senate. Congress has already proven itself to be grossly ineffective (thank god) and Pence doesn’t have the balls to make major changes on a Federal level because protests really get to him. I wouldn’t be giddy about having a Pence presidency, but it wouldn’t be Trump.


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