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I just read this cutesy story on FB about a woman in her late 50s who suddenly gained a ton of weight and was worried about it. But her husband brought her a box of eclairs and said he loves her at any size. And everybody is like, “Wow, what a great husband.”

And I don’t know, it’s great he loves her at any size, but such a dramatic weight gain at this age might be a signal that she has a serious health issue. The husband should get her a doctor’s appointment instead of the eclairs. Of course, the only person in that thread that suggested this was labeled a fat-phobic bigot.


16 thoughts on “FB Insights”

  1. Facebooking….. again?

    My first thought as I was reading was that he’s behind her weight gain either because he wants her much fatter or he wants her dead (the eclair is just too much).

    But some undiagnosed condition sounds more realistic.


      1. I can think of at least one substance that would cause someone to gain weight, that can be fed to them in a tasteless form, and that could be almost certain not to trigger a reaction that would result in significant morbidity/mortality.


              1. It increases the appetite, so, yes, people can gain weight on it. It is even used to treat cancer patients who lose weight due to chemo or radiation treatment.


  2. Unexplained dramatic weight gain or loss is a serious issue. I might love them no matter their size but I’m going to drag their butt to the doctor.

    This is different than the gradual slowing of metabolism with age.


  3. It’s annoying how well-meaning thoughts get turned into crappy agendas. People rightly say that you shouldn’t treat someone like shit simply because they’re fat. But this shouldn’t mean that ignoring health issues is a sign of tolerance and respect.


    1. Exactly. It would be horrible if he shamed her for it or insulted her. But saying, hey, I’ve been wondering, might it be something health related? is the right thing to do.


  4. As a fifty-something man, If I gained 40 lbs in a year I would weigh 205 on a 5’8″ frame and probably be on my way to type II diabetes. If my significant other is going to reward me with eclairs that would be insane.


    1. And this is somebody who is 5’5 at most, so you can imagine what it’s like.

      I actually did gain over 50 lbs that I’m now losing but that was over 10 years and 2 pregnancies.


  5. Couldn’t it be hypothyroidism? She really needs a doctor, too bad her husband sounds like some well-meaning dum dum (or, at worst, a fetishist).


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