Bullying Is Wrong

I find it completely disgusting when people organize for the sole purpose of bullying a woman for daring to have an opinion. I think Wax’s article has a noticeable potential for humor, and I poked fun at its wording on this blog. But I’d rather chew my arm off than sign such disgusting, Soviet-like letters publicly to bully a colleague for expressing a point of view I might disagree with.

I condemn the idiots and the bullies who signed the linked piece. They are horrible people, and I wish somebody would tell them that to their dumb little faces.

And now let’s wait for the complete and utter silence from feminists who will studiously pretend to not notice that a female academic is being shushed into silence.


5 thoughts on “Bullying Is Wrong”

  1. Perhaps I miss the implications, but if a strongly worded response letter is “bullying” I can name scores of people who’ve been more severely “bullied” than Amy Wax with her boring editorial.

    I just fail to see anyone as a victim in any of this. It’s just one academic posturing and another group of academics posturing.


    1. “It’s just one academic posturing and another group of academics posturing.”

      I dunno. This sounds a lot like inviting students to inform against her: “To our students, we say the following: If your experience at Penn Law falls substantially short of this ideal, something has gone wrong, and we want to know about it”

      It looks to me like the opening salvo in a public campaign to get her fired.


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      1. I hated the article by that ecocritic the other day. I think her so called research is dumb. But if anybody invited me to participate in a collective condemnation of her, I’d spit at them. Because it’s beyond disgusting to do that to a colleague. And for what? Because you disagree with her? Really?
        Dumb buggers.


    2. Whenever a group piles on one person, that’s bullying.

      God, all of these public condemnations are so Soviet it stinks. But at least in the USSR people actually had a lot to fear. What is these fuckers’ excuse?


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