Everybody Is Noticing

The only thing I like about Facebook is that it warns you that you are overusing it. It just told me, “You’ve posted for 2 days in a row, and everybody is noticing!” So OK, point taken, I’m going away. 

If only Amazon did that. Like in, “you already bought a book yesterday. Are you sure you need a new one? Have you read the previous one already? Really? Everybody is noticing that you haven’t.”


5 thoughts on “Everybody Is Noticing”

  1. Not likely! Amazon notices that you bought a new paperback book and recommends that you buy the hardback version and the Kindle version as well. Same with movies and video games (recommends you buy the same thing in as many different formats are available).


  2. With Amazon, I may only visit the page for a book/movie without buying it or clicking on anything else… and a couple of days later they’ll send me an email about that specific item encouraging me to make the purchase. Amazon watches you carefully and wants you to never leave without buying something 🙂


  3. Facebook is trying to encourage you to post more with this message: “May be nobody comments, but trust us everybody notices. At least, we do. You are not alone as long as you post.” 🙂

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  4. PDRTJS_settings_5626924_comm_304346={“id”:5626924,”unique_id”:”wp-comment-304346″,”deed of conveyance”:”With%20Amazon%2C%20I%20may%20only%20visit%20the%20page%20for%20a%20book%2Fmovie%20without%20buying%20it%20or%20clicking%20on%20anything%20else… .”


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