Occupy Your Brain

A question from Facebook:

A higher percent of  Sanders supporters voted for Clinton in 2016 than the percent of Clinton supporters  who voted for Obama in 2008. If you didn’t know that ask yourself why.

Answer: because I got a life, lady. 

To think that somebody actually made the calculation. Sat there and came up with the idea to find out. And then did. And then thought about it. And then felt something about it.

People inhabit such a different reality. 


11 thoughts on “Occupy Your Brain”

  1. Merkel’s immigration policies may bear fruits:

    // The Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has also called for Germany’s immigration minister to be “disposed of” in Turkey where her parents come from, could become the third largest party with up to 12 percent of the vote on Sept. 24, polls show.

    The first far-right party set to enter Germany’s parliament for more than a half a century says it will press for Chancellor Angela Merkel to be “severely punished” for opening the door to refugees and migrants.

    The projected result is far less than similar movements in other European countries: in France far-right leader Marine Le Pen won 34 percent of the vote in May and in the Netherlands far-rightist Geert Wilders scored 13 percent in a March election.

    But the prospect of a party that the foreign minister has compared with the Nazis entering the heart of German democracy is unnerving the other parties. They all refuse to work with the AfD and no one wants to sit next to them in parliament.



  2. Calculations, they make them about all sorts of things like that. It’s part of a whole profession. And, given the crap I get (you voted Sanders in the primary, therefore you must have voted Trump in the general, you are a traitor to women because you are not a New Democrat/DLC type and your politics don’t align perfectly with Clinton’s) I’m glad someone has pointed this out.


    1. Maybe I move in the wrong circles and read the wrong websites but I’m not seeing anything other than the endless rehashing of the past 3 elections. I want a way to move forward but I’m not seeing any efforts in this direction. Who cares anymore if Bernie was the evildoer or Hillary? They both lost. Let’s get emotionally unattached from them and see them as what they are: our employees who turned out to be useless at their jobs. Let’s kick them out and hire somebody new.

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      1. The election is the Super Bowl of political wonks, just like major hurricanes are the Super Bowl of meteorologists.
        If you watch sports you know not only do they do analysis before and during, they do it afterwards. So to these people it’s like analyzing a Super Bowl or a World Series in which something completely bonkers happens like a 109 yard touchtown (the field is only 100 yards) or the Cubs winning a Series.

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        1. I don’t understand the Super Bowl but I understand psychological issues. Although I wish it were the other way around. 🙂

          And I know that the need to build a triangle with Mommy, Daddy and me where mommy is Hillary and daddy is Bernie (both quite advanced in age) is evidence of oedipal stage trauma. People are caught up in the trauma and forget the politics. The primary was such a long time ago and had ended so irreversibly that the need to debate it can only come from a psychological hangup.

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      2. Yes. Although you do realize that the point of this calculation is merely to emphasize that there are always people who vote for a candidate in the primary and then don’t vote for that party in the general. That the Sanders voters who didn’t vote Clinton aren’t an anomaly or a special brand of traitor.

        I did have a Clinton Comprehension Moment today as we were hashing out service and administrative roles in my department and saw myself getting all the essential, low-prestige ones while men got the non-essential, high-bombast ones. It’s not set in stone yet so I can still stem this tide but I suddenly realized: this is what women mean when they talk about HRC Getting Things Done vs. Spinning Grand Ideas, and Not Getting Recognized For At Least Keeping The Lights On.


        1. Once, just once in my life I agreed to go to a conference session organized by a man and I repented in spades. It was all about stoking his wounded ego. Maybe it’s a coincidence but I only go to sessions organized by women and submit to volumes edited by women because I just want to get stuff done and move on.

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    1. In Pictures: Juggalos and Insane Clown Posse march on Washington

      Last weekend, Insane Clown Posse and their fans (aka Juggalos) marched on Washington to protest against being labelled as a gang by the FBI.

      An estimated 1500 Juggalos made the journey to the United States capital to make their voices heard, with the majority donning the trademark facepaint or wearing similar clown outfits – there was even one guy dressed as a clownish Uncle Sam.

      Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J from Insane Clown Posse were both in attendance, addressed their fans in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

      “A lot of people don’t want discrimination in this country anymore, man. They don’t want bullshit racism,” said Violent J. “They don’t want hate. That’s played out and ancient, man. And I feel like today we’re representing a lot of that bullshit. We’re representing the force against it.”

      In 2011, the FBI described Juggalos as a “loosely organised hybrid gang.” Insane Clown Posse sued the federal police and the US Justice Department in 2014 to force them to remove the tag, but the case was dismissed.


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