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Teaching Poetry

Maybe I shouldn’t teach poetry. Yesterday I was teaching Ruben Dario, one of my favorite poets, and I started reading a poem aloud, and I got so emotional that my voice was breaking and I had tears in my eyes. 

Before that, we read the mystics and the Golden Age, and it was the same thing. I can teach the Romantics because there isn’t a single Spanish Romantic poet who ever made me feel anything. (As opposed to English Romantics whom I love). But St John and Quevedo make me so emotional that I start blubbering in the midst of teaching. 


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5 thoughts on “Teaching Poetry

  1. Can I ask you something about poetry? What is “flappiness”?
    I ran across FLAPPERHOUSE literary journal, and they say that this woman’s work embodies the qualities they look for

    I like poetry but this stuff is completely impenetrable (sober).

    Help? Thoughts? What’s flappiness? Is it but a nice term for weeding out uncool folks like myself, or is there more?


  2. Demotrash on said:

    I wish I had an appreciation of poetry. I really feel like I’m missing out.


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