Monday Link Encyclopedia

First-world privilege.

And first-world derangement.

What I don’t get is how they extrapolate from such a ridiculously tiny number with a straight face.

Science confirms Freud was right. Yet again.

The best Siri moment I’ve heard of so far. 

What could have possibly caused the dramatic jump in crime rates in Chicago in 2016? Hmmm, what a mystery. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary going on in the state throughout that year. Nothing like a lack of a fucking budget that destroyed the already insufficient social services in poor neighborhoods. 


8 thoughts on “Monday Link Encyclopedia”

  1. Today’s news:

    Terrorist, 37 year old Jamal Nimer of Beit Surik, shoots dead 3 members of Israeli security forces, 1 seriously wounded in attack; terrorist shot dead by security forces on the scene; Hamas welcomes attack, saying ‘This is a new chapter in the Al-Quds intifada.’

    The terrorist … with no record of security offenses, who held a work permit for the Seam Zone in the West Bank.

    An initial inquiry into the attack uncovered Jamal suffered from severe personal and family issues, including domestic violence. He was embroiled in a marital spat with his wife after reportedly physically assaulting her. She fled to Jordan, leaving him with the couple’s four children.

    Following the attack, IDF and Border Police forces encircled the terrorist’s village of Beit Surik, only permitting to exit it for humanitarian reasons. Subsequently, rioting broke out in the village of Biddu, near Beit Surik.

    a Fatah spokesman, said “Israel carries sole responsibility for Palestinian response to the crimes of the occupation.”,7340,L-5021069,00.html

    May be I am wrong, but my feelings disagree with the Fatah spokesman. On the contrary, I think whether we have a Palestinian state or no, whether Palestinians’ standard of living improves or not, killing Jews will remain for generations a “get out of jail free card” (a way to die a ‘hero’ and escape all your problems) for every dissatisfied Palestinian.


    1. “Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive for the first time.”

      About time — the women in Saudi Arabia couldn’t be worse drivers than the men. Saudi Arabia was the only country I was ever stationed in where my “worldwide” military automobile insurance was invalid. American military officers weren’t even allowed to have our own cars shipped over there from the U.S., like we did in Europe.

      The Saudi government, which was floating in oil revenues at the time, loaned all American officers a Cadillac-like car that was built like a tank, with a heavy air-conditioning system that would survive 300-mile drives between the major cities in the 127-degree desert climate, and was solid enough to survive ramming by a Saudi male driver.

      I was fortunate: The only traffic incident I had during my tour was when an idiot passed me going 100-plus-miles-an-hour on the right shoulder of the road, and tore the passenger-side rear-view mirror off my car. Of course, he didn’t stop, but the Saudis replaced my car totally free.


      1. My brother worked for Saudis on and off in the late 70’s early 80’s and pretty much hated it. He said a bootleg cassette made the rounds of foreigners with song parodies of life there – supposedly the creator was eventually arrested… given the nature of Saudi ‘justice’…. well that’s depressing to think about.


  2. Claiming victory, Palestinians admitted Interpol membership

    With Palestinian entry, Israel fears the PA use its new status to issue arrest warrants for top Israeli officials.

    Moreover, Jerusalem has voiced another central concern that the Palestinian delegation will now be privy to sensitive classified information regarding terrorism and its financing, which may then leak to Hamas or Fatah.

    The Americans aggressively pursued efforts to deny the Palestinians accession to Interpol on the premise that such a unilateral move risks making it increasingly difficult to jumpstart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process again.

    Two weeks ago the Americans were successful in convincing the Palestinians to withdraw their request to be a member state of the UN’s World Tourism Organization, albeit after threatening the closure of Fatah’s Washington offices.,7340,L-5021742,00.html


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