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Market Humans

People are alienated, they feel the need to connect to others but they don’t know how to do it in the world of neoliberal competitiveness and of seeing humans as consumer goods. The current identity craze is a cry for help on the part of lonely consumers who only know how to declare their humanity through attaching attention-grabbing labels onto themselves. The “oppression Olympics” are, yet again, an attempt to reach out to others in the strictly neoliberal logic of competition as the core human value.


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22 thoughts on “Market Humans

  1. Completely out-of-topic question.

    Do you know what an all-or-nothing grading system is?


    • I think it’s about multiple choice tests where you need to select several correct answers from a list. But you need to get all of them right to get credit.


      David Gendron is

      A. A man
      B. A cat
      C. Quebecois
      D. A panther
      E. A French-speaker

      You need to answer A, C and E to get credit. If you answer A, B and C, you don’t get credit even though 2 of the answers are correct.


  2. Here’s an example. (CORRECTED)

    (Don’t worry: it’s more difficult in my course)

    NUMBER 1 (2 points)

    Write two correct sentences with the verb to like in Simple Present.

    1) I like chicken.

    2) She likes Trump.

    Within this system, if you forget the s at « She likes », you lose all your two points.

    I’m so angry that I’m wanting to drop out of my course now.


  3. Getting back to the topic, I just realized that a lot of the ‘oppression olympics’ reminds me of the old cliche about children who misbehave because that’s the only way they can get adults to pay attention to them – and they prefer the negative attention of getting yelled at and/or hit to being ignored.


  4. And that’s how this freakazoid defends his crap:

    « Let me offer a comparison that might clarify things for you:

    Consider multiple choice exams. Sometimes a multiple choice item has just three options, say A, B & C. Sometimes a multiple choice item has many options and the right answer is, say, F –F being ‘Both A & B are right’. In order to get a point in this marking system, you need to choose F. You are not awarded half marks for choosing just A or just B. (By the way, this marking system is used extensively in the Psychology Department). That is the system that we are using: by getting just one item right you are not actually ‘owed’ any points, because a correct response entails that both items are correct (i.e. there is a contrast that demonstrates the student’s understanding and mastery of the material). »

    What an asshole!


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