Turned on the TV, heard “thoughts and prayers! Let’s not politicize!”, spit on the screen, and turned it off. 

People should be ashamed of themselves. 


14 thoughts on “Shame”

  1. It probably sounds cold of me, but I put on FB that “Thoughts and prayers do not succeed when the majority of them go to the Almighty Dollar.” That’s the attitude around here — can’t offend the NRA because they’ll pull their financial support. Can’t talk about reasonable measures to stop gun violence because it would take down an industry. Can’t do anything about guns because of hunting … blah, blah, blah… As if human beings didn’t figure out how to kill things (including each other) before the advent of guns.


  2. So what kind of mantra did you expect?

    The right-wing NRA opposes “reasonable” gun control for the same reason that left-wing radical feminists oppose “reasonable” restrictions on abortion: Because both groups know that every “reasonable” law is a foot in the door — a camel’s nose into the tent — that makes the next, slightly more extreme restriction seem almost as reasonable as the first one. And so its acceptance paves the way for the next slightly more restrictive law, and then the next…

    In other words, once you get on a slippery slope on social issues in this country, the only two paths available threaten to lead you in a cascade all the way down, to either an equally unacceptable liberal or conservative position.


    1. If they have nothing of value to say, they could just report the events.

      As for the feminist opposition to abortion restrictions, you are completely wrong. It’s not about that at all.


  3. I have been thinking ever since your last post about framing of issues, and how Democrats are so inept at it. I think they should call this issue “gun safety” instead of “gun control” — everyone wants to be safe, but noone wants to be controlled!


    1. Gloria’s rhetoric is strong, but personally I am against treating either of them in this fashion.

      As for written permission from a parent or a judge, why not one from police, like he would have to present in Israel?

      And a mandatory course on gun safety would go longer way than walking through protestors.


    1. There is no conceivable reason not to ban automatic weapons and not to refuse weapon sales to mental health sufferers. But I don’t want to debate it because it’s like trying to prove that today is Tuesday. If people haven’t figured it out on their own, I can’t help.


      1. ” But I don’t want to debate it ‘

        That is the only way to deal with these reactionaries. Otherwise they’ll just exhaust you with their incessant demands to justify every position of yours, no matter how obvious.

        Remember how cliff has been chirping lately about how America didn’t do much slavery?


        1. “Remember how cliff ”

          Since I’m living in your head, rent free, maybe I’ll spruce the place up. I think I’ll add a deck where I can watch the sunsets accompanied by the delightful sound of your chirping.


          1. Clever response, Cliff — but are you sure that you aren’t checking into a nut house? 🙂

            Psychosis isn’t normally contagious. But with all the foaming at Stringer Boy’s mouth, how can you be sure? (Better get all your shots first.)


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