Why Russia Supports Catalan Independentists

The reason why Russia is hysterically and obsessively supporting the Catalan independentists is that, in the Russians’ eyes, it all somehow legitimizes “separatists” in the Ukrainian Donbass region. But it doesn’t legitimize Chechen separatism, of course. 

Also, of course, anything that allows them to conclude that Western democracy doesn’t work is a good thing. 


2 thoughts on “Why Russia Supports Catalan Independentists”

  1. It also weakens the EU, no matter what the outcome.
    If the indpendence movement fails then it creates divisions and bad feelings that will last, if it wins then it creates an avalanche of problems for the EU which has to go through the expense and effort of expelling Catalonia or accepting it and giving fuel to other separatist movements (Italy, Belgium, Spain, Scotland) so that they’ll be so busy micro-managing the changing membership they won’t have time for anything else (not the worst idea but…..).

    The indpendentistes also have made noises about recognizing the annexation of Crimea and letting it be known they’re ready to do busyness with Putin. What they don’t realize in their hubris is that they’ll end up becoming the Cuba of Europe with all the degradation that entails. If they think the iron rule of Spain was bad, wait until they get a taste of Russian rule.


  2. Agreed! Anything that weakens the EU is just perfect for them. They are really hoping Cataluña will start a domino effect across Europe. I have to say I am very happy about not being in Spain right now. The amount of stress and discussion and just huge energy waste everyone seems to be engaging in is just not compatible with a normal life (for me at least). So I am choosing to keep some distance. (Hehe this can be difficult when family chooses to turn on the TV while we are skyping so I can hear the news in real time). I don’t want to hear the news of how dumbly this is being managed.


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