Just Say No

The problem is that people got so addicted to endless injections of fresh outrage that they need a new dose daily. Yesterday’s outrage, no matter how strong, is no good today. So new reasons to ooh and aah have to be invented constantly.

The problem, though, is that coming up with trivial causes of outrage cheapens all of the previous manifestations of the same emotion. Trump’s approval for the Charlottesville neo-Nazis who had “many good people” among them becomes a minor silly thing when placed alongside his wife’s shoes or his way of pronouncing Puerto Rico. It all just blends into the same tiresome mess of “ah, here go these freaks, nitpicking over nothing of any importance.” Being outraged daily is like not being outraged at all because it’s not an emotion for daily use. You can’t have the best or the worst meal of your life three times a day every day. And you can’t cry wolf every 15 minutes for four years without making everybody around you so jaded that they will never listen to you again.

So please, please, if you want this freak show to end in 2020, stop participating in the daily outrage fest and help your friends kick the habit. It’s going to be hard but it’s doable. 


2 thoughts on “Just Say No”

  1. I’ve said it before. The way to deal with Trump is not outrage but by making him boring.
    But self-righteous outrage is one of the most addictive emotions known and he’s got a whole country full of outrage junkies that he keeps happy and doped up.


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