Frequency of Analysis

Traditionally, psychoanalytic clients had sessions 4 times a week for 45 minutes. However, it’s important to remember that Freud’s clients didn’t work 40+hours a week and \ or raise kids and do all the household chores with no servants.

The world has changed, and working folks today can’t sustain this rhythm. I know somebody – it’s not me because I could never afford it – who started doing 2 sessions a week and almost exploded because it was too fast and too much. Four times a week would have killed her for sure. 

A serious, experienced analyst today will match your rhythm and will see you once a week or once every two weeks, whatever suits you best.


One thought on “Frequency of Analysis”

  1. When I first started my job, I went to a therapist twice a week, because there were so many things going on with me — new job, big move, marriage trouble, drama with my children, etc. I think it kept me from imploding. But you’re right — it’s not sustainable to do that when you have a job, housework, kids, etc. I cut back to one, and even quit for a year or so. But then I started having trouble again last year and went back. I like having someone to bitch to for an hour a week, but I can really only manage weekly visits. I cannot imagine 4. Wouldn’t that just make your psychiatrist your best friend? Weird.


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