Putin’s Maddow

Rachel Maddow announced today that South Africa is the only country that voluntarily gave up nuclear weapons. For somebody who denounces Russian propagandists so much, she surely does a good job pushing Russia’s lies on her show. 

All of these Russian revelations stink to high heaven. 

And no, I don’t think she does anything in bad faith. She’s just a convenient fool. Who do you think feeds her all the stuff she talks about on her show every night? It’s the same people she is so eagerly denouncing.


One thought on “Putin’s Maddow”

  1. You should never watch Maddow for anything except entertainment value. Unlike Lawrence O’Donnell, who can feign normality and maturity while muttering inanities like calling Trump “the Boy King,” Maddow’s adolescent hand-waving mannerisms and her head tilts and constant smirks always telegraph the farce behind her words.

    When Fox gets too dull, I sometimes watch her for comedy relief. 🙂


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