The first thing I did this morning was learn a new Spanish word: “guasap.” I figured out what it was from the context. Somebody was complaining that guasap destroyed her movie-going experience. Can you guess what it is?

9 thoughts on “Guasap”

  1. I’m guessing “gossip”. As in people were chatting during the movie about personal matters and this ruined the movie for her.


    1. You are absolutely right in that it’s a spanification, if I may say that, of an English word. A word, I have to add, doesn’t have any relevance to my life because of my age.

      I do love gossip, though. 🙂


  2. Weird that when I go back to Spain and pronounce it the correct way I get a lot of uuuh?? so I go back to the guasap. Which is actually pronounced more like guásap.


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