Monkey Update

Can you, folks, believe that after the long monkey post I. . . forgot to bring the blasted monkey to daycare with me? It started raining, I had to run home, grab a different bag, etc. 

Fuck me. 

Ok, I promise it’s the last monkey post today. 

2 thoughts on “Monkey Update”

  1. I can’t believe after all these years of reading this will be my first comment, but here goes:
    I have two small kids and this is my life. For your sanity, you need to buy spare monkeys.

    I also had the milk after daycare issue. I started bringing the milk in the morning to keep in the daycare fridge. This saved me 45 minutes of driving a day.


    1. These are great suggestions and I’m happy you commented. I considered getting extra monkeys but they are not cheap and I know that the day I get two more, she’ll decide she no longer likes them. I’m sure you know that’s what always happens. Always!

      It’s good to be understood.


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