There is something wrong with the American mind when in the middle of natural disasters, a top concern is “looting,” especially by first responders.

We are exceptional! Unlike anybody else! Nobody has anything of the kind!



5 thoughts on “Exceptionalism”

  1. Mark Zuckerberg takes a ‘virtual reality’ tour of Puerto Rico. This is why a liberal arts education is so important. I still can’t get over that whiny article you linked to about how we should worship tech nerds, haha. Nope!


    1. I saw that. I kept waiting for a remake of “Money For Nothing” to play over this terrible mashup of a VR & a Google Maps environment because those avis are exactly like that but they’ve mastered making rounded shapes.


      “Let me self promote and take money from clickbait fake news providers by hijacking NPR’s journalism for my goofball Sims conference.”

      Zuckerberg bought out the founder of Oculus VR for an obscene amount of money and
      that guy dumped money into an advertising firm called Nimble America founded by r/TheDonald members that pumped out all kinds of racist macros and memes.


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