I thought that no part of the dumb Harvey Weinstein drama could upset me but I have to confess that it was deeply disappointing to hear about Meryl Streep’s pathetic fawning and simpering at the feet of this stupid tub of lard and her sudden discovery that it’s no longer fashionable publicly to worship him. 

She’s the only person with any talent in the whole story. And she ends up being the most vapid and spineless.


8 thoughts on “Disappointing”

  1. I don’t care much (or at all?) about what actors/actresses think about politics, that’s not in their job description. I’m find with them if they can do their job, the idea of looking at celebrity performers as moral arbiters is just bizarre.

    I care less about the Weinstein case (where IINM all involved were adults who knew how the game was played) than about the persistent rumors of systematic child sexual abuse in Hollywood.

    In this, Polanski and Woody Allen are just the tip of the iceberg (and interesting that the person that brought the Weinstein case public was Allen’s stepson).


    1. Weinstein is a clear stand-in for Trump: rich, fat, obnoxious, a star in the entertainment industry. This is all part of the nation’s incomprehensible and deeply bizarre love affair with Trump. People are reading all of these narratives of Weinstein’s sexual exploits because it’s a way to fantasize about Trump. Others do it more openly, like I showed in one of the links on Friday. This is all extraordinarily weird to me because Trump is very unattractive. I have seen folks go all nuts like this for an attractive politician. But he is frankly ugly.

      For years, I have been telling my students that the US doesn’t have much in the way of charismatic leaders, unlike Latin America, and what a boon that is. I’m now seeing how right I was because the second somebody appeared with just a touch of charisma people have gone completely nuts.

      Completely normal, good people are so obsessed with him that they remind me of young girls during the Beatles-mania. It’s beyond boring.


      1. “because the second somebody appeared with just a touch of charisma”

        Kennedy, Reagan, Bill Clinton and Obama all had a particular kind of traditional American political charisma, Trump is the first with the kind of charisma that plays in the third world the Big Man who smites his enemies.


        1. Exactly, exactly. That’s precisely what it is. It’s the malignant, very populist kind of charisma. It’s Hugo Chávez, It’s Fidel, it’s Zhirinovsky. His famous slogan was “a bottle of vodka for every man and a man for every woman.” And “let’s nuke the hell out of them.”

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  2. FYI only: The site blindgossip has a pretty good record of accuracy (judging by the number of blind items that are later proven to be true).

    It lists four… prevaricators in the HW case, while the first and last are not as clear there seems to be close to universal agreement about two on the list. If the item (and readers guesses) are to be believed

    Streep knew for years about HW and even warned her own daughter about him.

    It also suggests that Hillary Clinton knew but didn’t care (after Bill….) because he kept the campaign money coming in.



    1. I remember this site from when I used to follow celebrity gossip! Nowadays local politics provide everything celebrity gossip did and more. That’s the real reason I care about local politics, not a sense of civic duty.


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