Crazy Loop

Just an example of the most recent iteration of the crazy loop. Trump said that back in 2010 Obama didn’t call on the phone somebody who lost a son in combat. I’ve seen this entirely irrelevant, boring, ridiculous shit on TV and online at least half a dozen times since morning. And I’m trying to actively avoid seeing it. 

It’s like people are not even aware how insane it is to get hung up on something like this. And hey, does anybody doubt there will be something else of this nature before nightfall?

5 thoughts on “Crazy Loop”

  1. How does one sit out the scandals without totally turning off the news or social media?

    For example, I don’t watch football except at the occasional Super Bowl party or family gathering. Even in those situations, I don’t start watching until the kickoff, well after the national anthem. In other words, a story about Trump, the NFL, and the national anthem doesn’t affect my life or interest me. Nevertheless, even with turning off the radio or TV when the story came on, I’ve seen or heard dozens of opinions about that story.

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  2. On the other hand, there seems to be an almost-complete media blackout of the news that Hillary fell down AGAIN — and injured her foot (apparently broke a toe) — forcing her to cancel several television appearances in the UK promoting her book.

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