Methods of Communication

When something shocking or super important happens to you that you want to share with people, do you

1. Grab your phone and begin dialing.

2. Send texts. 

3. Send emails. 

4. Post on Facebook.

5. Tweet. 

6. Open Snapchat (whatever that is).

7. Find people and tell them in person. 

8. Another option.

I’ll text and then post on the blog. 


16 thoughts on “Methods of Communication”

  1. Depending on what it is, I might do several things, but nearly all would involve e-mail first.

    If it’s a death in the family, I might put the details in a blog post, and then e-mail people with the bare facts and then give them the link. I might put links on Facebook or Twitter as well, but they are generally too unreliable, as Facebook’s algorithm might not show it to the people who would be most concerned.


            1. “How do you think the mail arrives here in the desert outskirts of Arizona?”

              -I always thought it was by messenger jack rabbit. But I guess maybe they started getting a little too harebrained.


  2. For me, it’s a combination of 1. (if I think they need hear my voice) 3. (for details) and 7. (if it needs to be delivered in person) depending on what the news is and who I need/want to tell.
    I would only blog about it somtime after the fact and the idea of using ‘social media’ for that is extremely off-putting for me.


  3. Usually text or phone. Sometimes email, depending on what it is. I hate phone calls, but if it’s really important I’ll make them, since it’s often hard to meet up with people in person.


  4. I text or email my husband, and that’s about it. If it’s work stuff, I might go across the hallway to bitch to a like-minded colleague. Depending on what exactly happened, I might post on the blog, but usually not; I stay away from politics because I don’t have much original to say there and I try not to waste too much energy on things over which I have no control.


    1. I hate email but only because I teach an online course and that means I get dozens of emails from students that require response and grading every single day including weekends.


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