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Klara loves zombies. We have to walk all over the neighborhood looking for cardboard or inflatable zombie figures. People across the road have one that’s as big as a house, and she adores it. 

Today we went to the YMCA for their famous Halloween decorations. Klara and I climbed to the second floor that has a large open space with workout equipment. Klara saw rows upon rows of people marching in silence on the treadmills and spinning the wheels of stationary bikes in place. They all had bugged out eyes and were panting.

“Zombies!” she exclaimed happily. “Mommy, zombies!”


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2 thoughts on “Zombies

  1. Maura Yzmore on said:

    This works great as a very short story!


  2. When she’s old enough, she might enjoy “Plants vs Zombies” or Minecraft, if you aren’t entirely opposed to video games


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