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The Flaky Flake

So some idiot Republican made yet another completely inconsequential speech about Trump. They all discover a profound hatred for Trump two minutes before they are about to croak or retire. After a lifetime spent making Trump possible, they should keep the crocodile tears to themselves.

What a pathetic, undignified spectacle.


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10 thoughts on “The Flaky Flake

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    After that speech, he voted for this. So did Corker and McCain. Biggest gift to Wall St in 2017.


    • Several people on my FB – life-long Democrats all of them – are praising the speech to the skies, saying how it’s a sign that things are changing, finally Republicans are realizing, etc. I’m stunned at how gullible people are.

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      • Stringer Bell on said:

        Also note that these ghouls aren’t retiring out of principle (which doesn’t even make sense in the first place). They’re retiring because all polls show that they’ll lose their primaries to even more evil and corrupt republicans.


      • Demotrash on said:

        These speeches have been happening since before the election. Whole lot of good they’ve done us!


        • Exactly. Waiting for these people to awaken and see the error of their ways for real is more stupid than expecting elephants to sprout wings and fly. It’s not happening.


  2. Shakti on said:

    I don’t know the content of this amazing speech, and I don’t need to. Just like I don’t need another article about the tender psyches of Trump voters. Who cares?


  3. Alex the Physicist on said:



  4. I feel like Republicans are focusing on the “at least we’re not Trump” angle to distract from the fact that legislatively, they aren’t very different at all. Why everyone is falling for it is a mystery to me.


    • Absolutely. What needs to happen for people to see that there’s no real difference between Trump and HIS party?


      • Dreidel on said:

        Hey, it’s Trump’s party for least the next three years. The 2016 election is over, and the noble Republican legislators who don’t like Trump have lost the war. Now they have three choices: give up, give in, or give out.

        As for the Democratic opposition, it isn’t going to win any elections by purging more people out of the party ranks than it thinks it’s recruiting. Half of the party
        thinks that Woodstock radicalism is the way to go, and the other half is desperately clinging to geriatric relics from yesterday.

        I didn’t say I approved. I’m simply quoting a wise webmistress: “That’s just reality.”


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