Consumers Are Cheering

From a chirpy fool cheering Catalonia’s “independence”: 

“We’re finally free,” a woman next to me said, as she began to cry. “We are oppressed here. We’re fighting for our freedom.”

God, it must be so pleasant to think ‘freedom’ can be purchased like a discounted toaster. 

Freedom and choice, the favorite slogans of the neoliberal revolution.


One thought on “Consumers Are Cheering”

  1. Meanwhile Catalonian tourism is on the downturn

    And I’m part of that, I was considering (briefly) the Costa Brava as the destination of my current trip (mentioned on my blog) but reconsidered when I thought of the idea of somehow supporting this ridiculous ’cause’. So I’m headed further south and east….

    I think the ultimate thing Catalonians are going to get from this is that most precious neoliberal commodity – infantile grievances. They’ll be able dine out for decades on how oppressed they are and how terrible the seizure of their precious independence was. The local government (if thye get autonomy back) will go back to robbing them blind and blaming it all on Madrid.


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