Where Are They Getting It?

My pedicurist shared with me a sob story about tragically oppressed Catalonians that she got from social media. She is in no way related to the region or normally interested in it. 

For some incomprehensible reason, the story people who are not knowledgeable about the region are getting is completely pro-independentist. Does anybody understand this?


10 thoughts on “Where Are They Getting It?”

  1. Americans love a story where a plucky bunch of folks revolt against an overreaching central government. See also: The American Revolution.


    1. This explains the general indifference to the rise of neo-Nazism in this country, then. The neo-Nazis are few, they are not mainstream, so they are the underdog (whatever that means). As a result, everybody feels sorry for them.


  2. To me that’s different. The neo-nazis are about people who chose not to pursue education, not to pursue jobs that pay well, and are looking for an excuse for a crummy life.


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