Saturday Link Encyclopedia

Busy brain = happy brain.” I recognize myself in this a lot. 

When I blogged back in 2014 that there were international conferences of neo-Nazis in Russia, nobody cared. And now everybody is suddenly noticing the results. I’m so tired of this idiotic provincialism.

very good post on the Reformation and modernity from Steve. It’s lovely to see somebody who is a great erudite on this subject.

Japan, an experiment in unbridled neoliberalism that is a warning to all of us.

Twitter is horrible and we should all boycott it. Just the fact that it’s Trump’s favorite medium of communication should tell people something.

Total cuteness: the mid-century dining club

The New Yorker rehabilitates itself after the ridiculous yet famous piece by Ronan Farrow with a great article on “the family that built an empire of pain.” By the way, I hated the Farrow piece long before I knew he was the son of repugnant people.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Link Encyclopedia”

  1. “Japan, an experiment in unbridled neoliberalism that is a warning to all of us.”

    Okay, I’m not an academic — so can you explain to me in simple terms how wearing a surgical mask in public equals “unbridled neoliberalism”?

    Or it just another example of how all liberals are basically short on brains? You don’t have to go all the way to the Orient to figure that out. 🙂


  2. I found the story about the Sackler family absolutely chilling. It just shows how rich people can get away with anything in America. I hope the reporter survives this story — he just made himself some very powerful enemies.


  3. re: Twitter being evil, you might want to read the recent novel ‘I Hate the Internet’. It is a rant that lacks all subtlety, but it really lets Twitter have it.


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