Union for Walmart!

Whatever else is wrong with Walmart, it has the most courteous, professional salespeople ever. They should be unionized.

I’m like a broken record, saying that everybody should be unionized but what can I do? I’m a bit obsessed.


4 thoughts on “Union for Walmart!”

  1. I disagree about the salespeople…but when they’re not courteous or helpful, I don’t blame them one bit, given their working conditions and low wages.


  2. Walmart will fight to its death to avoid unionization.

    They’d rather close sections of their business than have unions.

    Basically any retail or fast food outfit you can name is pretty anti-union: Target, Amazon, McDonald’s, Jimmy Johns.

    As a consumer, I just don’t like going into Walmart because the stores are dirty, poorly organized and understaffed. I had an ex who once worked for a distribution center and the stories he would tell me were nuts: bogus write ups, impossible quotas, workplace injuries. He’d fight all that shit too.


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