Noon Trick or Treating

Not only is trick or treating spread over two days, it also starts at noon and goes until 9 pm. I’m glad it’s not a late-night thing because Klara starts her bath time at 7:15 pm. But noon sounds a little lacking in the scariness department. 


9 thoughts on “Noon Trick or Treating”

  1. You should move to a modern, civilized state like Arizona, where we can read the calendar and only do trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

    We also won’t have to reset our clocks next Sunday, because we never go on Daylight Saving Time. 🙂


  2. :/
    Klara starts her bath time at 7:15 pm.
    Hopefully, N will be there so Klara can have her bath in peace? That’s prime trick or treating time.
    I suppose it’s a good idea to get the trick or treating done early for the very small children.
    But why two days and nine hours each day? I get that people might do it in waves, but being prepared to answer your door for that much time is exhausting.
    Who are your oldest trick or treaters?


    1. Last year I had some who were borderline too old. My criterion is if they could be my students, they are too old. Not that I would refuse them candy, of course.

      Usually, trick or treaters only knock on the door if you have the outside lights on. So you control the process after dark. During daytime, though, you can’t control it with lights.


      1. So which days of the week is the officially endorsed trick-or-treating on? If it’s on a workday, I’d expect a lot of houses to be empty for much of the day, resulting in disappointed — and potentially angry and destructive — trick-or-treaters.

        Really dumb idea, whoever came up with “improving” the holiday.


  3. I used to live in a rural area, so there was no trick-or-treating because all the houses were very far apart, but the nearest small town to us got together their businesses and started “the Pumpkin Walk” it was the closest Saturday before Halloween, and it went from 12-6 (in my neck of the woods it starts getting pretty dark by then) and all the small businesses down Main Street would hand out candy. We always had tons of people show up, it’s so popular now that plenty of people from the city that’s 45 minutes away bring their kids up, and people who live in and around the town bring camping chairs and also hang out on Main Street handing out candy, and almost everyone who participates wears a costume.

    It makes way more sense to me to set up something like that, if you’re worried about safety than having everyone trick-or-treat 12-9 on a weekday?


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